We are a complete transmission repair and service facility. We perform expert diagnostics to determine if and where you have a problem. Many transmission problems can be solved with relatively inexpensive fixes such as:

1. A new solenoid
2. Leak repair

Other transmission problems may require more extensive repair.

Our qualified ASE Certified Mechanics have the knowledge, tools, and modern, state of the art equipment available to properly diagnose and fix any problem.

Our San Antonio Transmission Repair Shops are fully equipped and qualified to work on any type of transmission including:

1. All automatic transmissions, foreign and domestic
2. Standard transmissions
3. Truck, van and SUV transmissions
4. Clutches
5. Axles
6. Transfer cases

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Automatic Transmissions work

The best thing you can do to keep your transmission healthy is to maintain your transmission properly. We offer the full range
of maintenance services. We even provide an automatic mailing program that will remind you it's time have these services.

We provide warranty services and offer our customers a range of warranty options.

Having a transmission problem is not the worst thing that can happen. Chances are you may only need a minor repair.
Is the vehicle otherwise in good condition ? Is the engine strong ?
- Repairing your existing transmission is far more affordable than trying to sell your car and buy another one.

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Do I need a new transmission ?
Answer: there's know such thing as a "new" transmission, except when it's first installed at the factory. We "rebuild" all transmissions on site. Rebuilding includes a complete tear down, inspection and replacement of worn, broken or updated parts.

How much do you charge to rebuild a transmission ?
Answer: Prices can vary between type of vehicle (year/make/model/), type of transmission (automatic, manual, 3-speed, 4-speed, 5-speed, computer controlled or not) and most importantly - what part(s) caused the problem. Quoting a price or giving an "estimate" is virtually impossible without actually being able to diagnose the problem first.

- We will perform a preliminary auto inspection and transmission diagnosis for FREE.

What exactly does a preliminary Transmission diagnosis include ?
Answer: We will check your transmission fluid level and quality, test drive the vehicle if possible and scan the computer for transmission related trouble codes.

What if the "free" Transmission diagnosis doesn't tell you anything ?
Answer: Usually we can tell what's going on with just the preliminary check depending on the make and model of the vehicle and type of problem. If it is an intermittent, hard to reproduce problem or we simply do not know with out further diagnosis, you will be informed and given the option to continue at our hourly rate. If you decide to have us proceed with the repair based on our findings we will not charge you any diagnostic fee.

What if my transmission seems to be slipping or shifting erratically ?
Answer: That does not necessarily mean your transmission needs to be rebuilt. It may be just be an inexpensive solenoid or simply just low on fluid. We actually perform less expensive external transmission repairs more often than major rebuilds. Never assume the worst until the problem is properly diagnosed.

What about installing a used transmission ?
Answer: You already have a used transmission. In other words, you have the transmission removed, you take it to your local auto recycle (junk yard) for a core charge, he gives you the used transmission he's had sitting around for a few years, you have it installed and it doesn't shift. He gladly refunds your money but only after you've paid to have the used transmission installed and removed. Someone else goes to the junkyard a few days later, buys the same transmission, same story... Sometimes buying a used transmission can actually work out. Are you willing to take the risk to save a little money?

What kind of Transmission Warranty do you offer ?
Answer: Every transmission rebuild comes with an industry standard 12 month / 12,000 mile nationwide warranty.

What if I have a problem beyond the warranty time and/or mileage range ?
Answer: When we rebuild a transmission we DO NOT cut corners to save money. It is literally better than the original equipment. It should last longer than the original. You'll find we stand behind our work. If our transmission rebuild fails outside of the warranty period and it was something we did, we will fix it at little or no cost to you. We don't rebuild transmissions to last 12 months or 12,000 miles. We build them to last the remaining life of the vehicle, assuming it's been cared for.

How often should the fluid be changed in an automatic transmission ?
Answer: Most manufacturers recommend every 30,000 miles under "normal" conditions. Given what the fluid in an automatic transmission does we recommend every 15,000 miles, especially for severe duty applications such as towing and/or hauling. Those who do not service their transmissions may end up being customers of ours eventually.

What's the difference between "servicing" and "flushing" a transmission ?
Answer: Servicing a transmission involves pulling the pan, draining anywhere from 2/3 to 3/4 of the fluid and replacing the filter. Flushing involves hooking up a machine to the cooling lines that back-flushes most of the fluid out of the transmission and torque converter without replacing the filter. While flushing isn't necessarily bad, it does not include a filter change, which is important. Don't trust the local quick lube place or tire shop to service or flush your transmission. There are simply too many variables that only an experienced transmission shop are aware of, such as specific ATF formulations for your vehicle and filling to the proper level.